Count on Copeland

The Message

In an age of misinformation, integrity is a new form of competitive advantage. CRG Auto created Count on Copeland in 2014, promoting dealership attributes that customers can rely on. Since then, the campaign has evolved to also promote Copeland’s large volume of repeat customers.

The Result:

The enduring Count On theme has helped grow and maintain Copeland Toyota’s strong position in the New England Market. Additionally, Copeland has grown to include Chevrolet and Volkswagen, a group of dealerships customers can count on again and again.

From Copeland Toyota in Brockton to the addition of Chevrolet and now, Volkswagen, Creative Resources Group has helped us define our growing brand for over 15 years. They are both consistent and responsive, helping us respond quickly to changing market conditions while maintaining our creative approach. You can count on Creative Resources Group.