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Designed For Change

Our specialists have the automotive marketing skills and experience you need to grow your dealership. Digital Marketing – Media – Design – Video Production

Life in automotive is always moving, shifting, and evolving. After more than 30 years in the industry, CRG knows how to keep pace. Today, we follow new paths of inspiration from some of the best creative and technically advanced minds across America. We offer branding, marketing, advertising, digital, and social media initiatives that are relevant, engaging, effective, measurable, and uniquely creative to your success. That’s why our clients, some over 15 years strong, trust our experience and judgement to do what’s in their best interest.

Charlie Rasak
President/Creative Director

Core Management Team

Core Management Team

Together, We Can Create Something Amazing

We are Creative Resources Group Automotive. That means that beyond our inner circle of seasoned automotive marketing professionals, we have a wide network of resources; trusted partners, production specialists, media outlets, and providers, with many relationships over 20-years strong.

CRG Auto can manage all facets of your advertising, marketing, and production while delivering personal service, better quality, and faster turnaround times. That’s why our clients count on us, some for over 15 years, for their continued success.


CRG Auto has helped us define our growing brand for over 15 years. They are both consistent and responsive, helping us respond quickly to changes in the market while maintaining our creative approach.

Todd Copeland

As a family business, we rely on CRG Auto, our trusted partner for more than 12 years, for our continued success. Since helping us launch our Braintree facility, they continue to innovate, with evolving branding and media strategies to meet our needs and the market. We recommend CRG to any dealer who’s wishing to consistently grow their business.

Greg, David & Charlie Tufankjian

CRG Auto has been instrumental to our growth and success over the past 15 years. They remain at the forefront of new technology and ideas, but above all, we work together to plan growth with consistent, results-driven marketing strategies.

Robert Boch