We Manage Your Automotive Advertising and Marketing


It really is that simple. Just tell us about yourself and where you want your dealership to go. CRG Auto has the research, market data, dealer data, trends, analytics, all that fun stuff. We make a plan. We get creative. We put the whole thing into action and analyze the results. And you? Just sell more cars.

TV & Radio



Lets Get Personal

The CRG Auto Team

CRG is a close-knit group of automotive marketing and creative pros. Scratch that. More like one big weird creative family. And that's a good thing! We actually talk to each other. We get way too excited. We argue, apologize, and then hit the ground running. We turn on a dime, ideas to actions. Bam! Video production, photography, audio recording, graphic design, website design, digital marketing, media placement. Our home studio offers every advertising service under the sun. Then it's time to celebrate, because our dealers' success is our success.

The past is a nice place to visit


CRG knows automotive, with 25+ years in the biz. (Plus a heck of a lot more when you include our President's olden days at national and regional auto ad agencies.) But forget the past. Seriously, forget it. To sell more cars nowadays, you're ready for new ideas. New ideas that might scare the pants off dealers stuck in the old ways of their forefathers. To sell more cars, you're ready for a jolt of honesty instead of more Bull S*** and YesMen. Yes, you're a CRG Auto kinda dealership.
Accountability and Transparency 100%

Tools of Our Trade

CRG's Automotive Advertising Arsenal

Outsource? No way? CRG auto is a fully-loaded luxury SUV with all the advertising options jam-packed into one office. Audio recording booth, video editing suites, web department, graphic department, media department, and a team of pro marketers.


Fact. The best creative concept in the galaxy won't sell a single car if nobody sees it. Fact. You can't go buying up ads everywhere. You have a budget. Good news. CRG Auto manages your entire ad budget. We figure out what's working and what's not, including the mysterious ratio of traditional to digital advertising. Then, we put your money where it counts, and use our super-agency buying power to get you the best rates.

Television Commercials

And not the screaming shouting kind with exploding price graphics. Giant inflatable arm flailing tube man? You don't need him either. Break through all that noise instead of adding to it. Beautiful footage, clean graphics, and perhaps an unexpected approach. CRG Auto commercials are designed to shine as much as they are to sell.

Website Content

All advertising roads lead to your website. So if the ad brought them in, lets give them more of the same! Lets make web banners that look like the TV ads and feature the same offers. Lets bring email leads and display campaigns to a customized landing page. CRG Auto coordinates all of your digital efforts so your dealership can conquer online.

Digital Marketing

At CRGAuto, our Google Certified pros are more than geeks. These guys know how to strategize, seamlessly complimenting traditional advertising with digital campaigns on Search, Facebook, YouTube, Email, Display, and Re-Marketing. No smoke and mirrors here! We look beyond the analytics to help you understand the impact of digital on your bottom line - more leads and more sales.

Print Ads and Graphics

It's pretty quiet in the not-so-cutting edge world of print nowadays. But sometimes you need a banner for that local sports team you sponsor. Or a logo for your 20th Anniversary. Maybe a ½ page used car ad does well in your market. Whatever the need, CRG Auto can design, deliver, and print one to one million copies.

Everything Else

CRG Auto is a full service advertising agency. We plan, create, and manage all kinds of ads for your dealership. Whatever it takes to help you sell more cars, we’re all about it. (You know we can’t list everything on our website.) So give us a call, and lets bounce around some ideas.

It's all part of your plan

Ads that Drive Traffic

And not just by accident either. This seemingly simple little car ad has a lot of very big thinking behind it. Oh the hours of research, planning, doing, and re-doing. It’s all about results. Not creating what we like. Not creating what you like. Creating Results. The bigger the better!

Like What You See?


It's cool to hang out on our site and all, but that's not helping you sell more cars.

And That's Not All

Little things make a big difference

Value is more than a price, it's worth. CRG Auto provides our clients with real value. Really. And that's not just a one-liner from your latest commercial. We share more of our expertise, streamline and simplify as much as we can, and make your crazy dealer life as easy as it can possibly be.

Compliance and Co-Op Approved

Any ad that can be pre-approved, is pre-approved. CRG knows the rules. Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Audi, Chevy, and so on. In fact, we've invested many an hour reading covenants, writing disclaimers, submitting ads, receiving denials, tearing our hair out, arguing with compliance customer service - all so you don't have to.

Polished Process

You and your staff are busy selling cars. We want you selling cars. So when we need your info and feedback, we make it quick and painless. Submit all your vehicle pricing online with one simple form. Compliance requirements? You know it. Disclaimers? We write ‘em! When it comes time to review your ads, just click into your online Client Destination. You can make comments and approve ads online, on your time, even on your smartphone or tablet.

Know How? Know-How!

What’s the CRG secret sauce? Research. Sounds boring, but we lick up facts and figures like starving aardvarks. Then, we Supply and Apply. We supply our clients with industry and market research, keeping us all in the know. We also Apply that knowledge to our campaigns and strategies.

Are you thinking what we're thinking?


It's cool to hang out on our site and all, but that's not helping you sell more cars.