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The outlets for your campaign, television, digital, web, direct mail, email, social, radio, newspaper, outdoor… There’s a ton of options. How do you choose? How much do you spend?

Luckily, CRG Auto manages your entire ad budget and media strategy. But one warning: we’re going to take your current budget and tear it apart. What’s working? What’s not? With just a little bit of your data plus CRG Auto’s super know-how, we balance and blend your media strategy for better ROI, no matter what your budget.

Television & Radio

Reach thousands upon thousands of viewers and engage them with sight and sound! Amazing!! But really, all marketing buzz words aside, television is the most cost effective advertising media. As one of New England's top media buying agencies, CRG Auto has some serious purchasing influence to get you the best rate.
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Digital and Email

It’s a digital world, with no shortage of new and exciting tools to conquer it with. Digital servIce providers, website widgets, ad networks, listing sites, social media, emailers, PPC, SEO, SEM, other acronyms – it’s endless. But CRG Auto knows them all and will identify the services delivering the best ROI for your dealership.
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Direct Mail and Print

Traditional direct mail is not so traditional these days. There’s in-depth strategies, targeted creatives, digital coordination, and a whole lot of research involved. No more dropping a ton of mailers and crossing your fingers! CRG Auto will coordinate direct mail with your overall strategy to create even bigger results. If your strategy does happen to call for the occasional print ad. (It happens!) CRG Auto has been around for 20+ years, so we were born and raised on automotive print advertising. It’s like riding a bike – you never forget!
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