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Website and Digital Ad Management

Website and Digital Ad Management CRGAuto's Digital Automotive Advertising Team creates high quality graphic assets and strategic website content that are designed to follow your dealerships’ campaign strategy and goals. CRGAuto accomplishes this task by unifying your Video and Digital Creative Development at the beginning of each month, to create one seamless look and feel that all consumers will identify with, both Television, and Digital.

Content and Creative Benefits Include:
  • A collaborative structure, backed by professional specialists for efficient campaign management.
  • Monthly campaign creation highlighting OEM incentives, dealership specials, or other sales events.
  • Fastest Turn-around time possible for Creative development. All work performed in-house.
  • Fully compliant digital advertising for all manufacturers.

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We Translate Geek Speak Into Simple English.

What's your ROI on the thousands of dollars you're paying your digital marketing provider each month? For most dealers, the answer is a mystery.

Each month, you receive a slew of reports and charts on your digital performance. Data like click-through rates, goal conversions and impression shares inevitably point to one conclusion: Everything is going just great. But is it really?

Sure, you might be getting plenty of visitors to your website. But how many are calling you? How many are visiting your dealership? And most important, how many more cars are you selling as a result of your digital marketing efforts?

If you want greater clarity into the impact of your digital ad spend, then you need Creative Resources Group's SAVI (Simple Analytical Verification Information) services.

What We Do
With Creative Resources Group's SAVI services, we serve as your partner and advocate, always working in your best interest. Each month, we will:
  • Assess whether or not your digital marketing efforts are producing qualified leads.
  • Attribute each sale and calculate the ROI for each of your digital channels.
  • Accompany you to meetings with your digital vendor to ask the right questions and get concrete answers.
  • Produce post-meeting reports that help you make sense of the vendor's analysis and recommendations.
  • Educate you using buzzword-free language that you'll understand so you can make better-informed decisions that lead to more sales.
  • Determine which services you should keep, add or cut — and how much money to invest in each.