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It's a Blended Approach

We call it the One-Two Punch: Traditional + Digital, together forever. Think about it. Your potential customer just saw your television ad and typed your dealership name in a Google Search. Do you come up first in the list? Once a customer arrives on your site, now what? New cars, used cars, service, specials... Where's that car from the TV ad? And then, you've lost them.

CRGAuto coordinates your digital with your traditional marketing. Translation, it all has the same strategy, message, and the same look and feel. For the customer, it's easy! They see an ad on TV and easily find you through a Google paid search campaign. Your website's homepage banner looks like the TV ad and even goes to a custom campaign specials page. If the customer clicks away, coordinated re-marketing ads can bring them right back. And this is just the beginning.

Web Videos

Aside from adding your TV commercials to your site and YouTube, easy stuff, CRG Auto can produce videos designed just for digital. Video pre-roll, testimonials, longer length commercials, and service videos are just a few of the many options.


Stay top of mind with your current customers and obtain new ones using a database of over 380 million double opt-in subscribers.

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