Content Creation for SEO is Dead

Wait, what? Web and Digital Marketing pros have been telling us for years that the only way to reach the coveted top of the Google Search was through content.  Targeted content. Popular content. Updated content. Content content. Keywords keywords. Smush ‘em in everywhere.

Well, not anymore.

In a recent study of Google Search Ranking Factors, Overall Content Relevance has taken a nosedive, almost down to rock bottom. Taking over the top spots: consumer action and social metrics, including Click-through Rate, and even Facebook Like Totals. (Source: Searchmetrics, December 2016)

This is in stark contrast to Google Search Ranking Factors from only two years ago. In 2014, Relevant Terms was at the top of the charts, the #1 factor in getting your site to the top of the Goog. (Source: Searchmetrics, September 2014)

But why the switch?

Think about Google. It is their goal to find what people are looking for. Back in 2014, they did this based on what your website said about you. Trouble was, you could say whatever you wanted about yourself, whether it was true or not, to improve your rank. Google realized this, and now relies on the actions of others to determine what is important/relevant and what’s not. Makes sense.

Unfortunately, it’s not good news for dealers who invested heavily in automotive content creation, including model specific and location-based landing pages, “SEO” content, etc. This type of content continues to trend downward, and it is highly unlikely that it will ever regain its former status.

So, if you haven’t in a while, now is the time to review your digital marketing providers and strategies. (In particular, take a close look at any content creation or “SEO” services you may be subscribing to.)

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