Ads That Drive Traffic

And not just by accident either. This seemingly simple little car ad has a lot of very big thinking behind it. Oh the hours of research, planning, doing, and re-doing. It’s all about results. Not creating what we like. Not creating what you like. Creating Results. The bigger the better!

Little things make a big difference.

Compliance and Co-Op Approved

Any ad that can be pre-approved, is pre-approved. CRG knows the rules. Toyota, Honda, Ford, Hyundai, Audi, etc. etc. In fact, we’ve invested many an hour reading covenants, writing disclaimers, submitting ads, receiving denials, tearing our hair out, arguing with compliance customer service – all so you don’t have to.

Polished Process

You and your staff are busy selling cars. We want you selling cars. So when we need your info and feedback, we make it quick and painless. Submit all your vehicle pricing online with one simple form. Compliance requirements? You know it. Disclaimers? We write ‘em! When it comes time to review your ads, just click into your online Client Destination. You can make comments and approve ads online, on your time, even on your smartphone or tablet.




Television and Video Ads

From television commercials to virtual test drives and YouTube channels, video content is a crucial component of automotive marketing. But with advances in film and video technology, today’s viewer is highly discerning. Poor quality video, tacky graphics, or improper audio levels are unacceptable and can actually damage your dealership’s brand image. So it’s not just a car commercial after all.

Digital Advertising

The Digital Team at CRGAuto works with your digital vendors and website companies directly to integrate campaign elements on your website, digital ad campaigns, and social media sites. Allowing your dealership to keep your brand and messaging consistent, increasing your automotive advertising returns.

Display Ads

Mobile Ads

Social Ads