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Project Details

Client: Bernardi Auto Group

Date: August, 2015

The Message

In 2015, Bernardi Auto Group had seven dealerships. And seven television campaigns, all tied together with the same elements, announcer, and jingle. Sounds good on paper, right? Consistent branding. However, CRG Auto found that the apparent strength of the method was working against Bernardi, as potential customers had a difficult time identifying which dealership was being advertised. Sure, it was definitely a Bernardi ad, but for which store? Today’s Bernardi was a reverse in strategy designed to brand the entire organization. What do Bernardi dealerships share in common? Their core values, commitment to customers, etc. The ad explained why customers chose “Bernardi for now… and why they continue to choose Bernardi, for life.” (The tagline from their well-known jingle.)

The Result:

Today’s Bernardi built stronger brand awareness for the entire Bernardi organization and led perfectly into re-tooled individual dealership ads, which promoted attractive price offers which resulted in a significant increase in traffic showroom, internet and BDC.

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